What to Expect

Welcome to Mad About Swing. This page outlines what to expect at one of our classes. We hope it's of help to you and we hope you enjoy the evening!

The main emphasis of our classes is to have fun. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes or fail to master the footwork first time. Everybody at Mad About Swing is in the process of learning new steps and improving their dancing (including the instructors). Enjoy the journey… that's what it's all about!
Social Dancing
We have designated slots before and after our classes for social dancing. This is a chance to practise the moves you've just learnt and to dance socially. During this practice session please ask our teachers any questions you might have regarding the class. Lindy Hop is a social dance so go and grab someone and get on to the dance floor!
Choosing a class
Please see this term's schedule for a breakdown of the blocks on offer this term. You can cross-reference this with our Sessions and Levels descriptions for a summary of each block and the experience required to attend.
Tap water is provided (bring your own water bottle!) and we sell bottled water and canned drinks. You may also bring your own drinks if you would prefer, including alcohol.
We recommend that you wear comfortable casual clothing and flat shoes.
Dance Nights
Beginners are often mistaken, believing that these evenings are only for advanced dancers. This really isn't the case and we welcome all abilities. We are lucky that our classes attract genuinely lovely people and consequently our events are always friendly. The perfect opportunity to put your new moves to good use!
Check out the desk littered with flyers advertising up-and-coming swing events. In addition to the flyers, we produce a calendar which outlines the main events to look out for. Join our mailing list to ensure you're in the know!

We hope you have a great evening at Mad About Swing.

More details: session and level descriptors